Papa | How do i thank you for all that you do?

In your gentle strength, a guiding light,
Through every challenge, you stand strong and bright.
Your love, a beacon, steadfast and true,
A hero in our lives, We look up to you.

With each step I take, you our by our side,
Your wisdom and care, our eternal guide.
In every hug and every smile you share,
We find comfort, knowing you’re always there.

You teach us courage, you teach us grace,
In your embrace, we find our safe place.
For all you are and all you do,
Dad, your love is forever true.

Now that you’re not with us, we’ll strive each day,
To honor your memory in every possible way.
Your legacy of kindness, we’ll carry on,
In all we accomplish, your spirit will dawn.

In every challenge we face, we’ll hear your voice,
Guiding us with wisdom, making the right choice.
Though you’re gone, your presence we feel so near,
Inspiring us to persevere without fear.

With hearts full of gratitude, we’ll cherish the past,
Your love and teachings will forever last.
In our hearts, you’ll always reside, Your name, our beacon, our source of pride

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